Bites & Bevs

Right on the headland on the South Coast, Tuross Head is surrounded by broad waterways and Coila Lake, making it a perfect destination for summer family holidays. Right on the water’s edge, tuck into some classic seaside meals at The Tuross Boatshed & Cafe.

Tuross Boatshed Cafe

Tuck into some all-day breakfast, sample the finest fresh local seafood, or raise your glass with a beer or wine as the sun sets on another day in paradise at the homely Tuross Boatshed & Cafe.

The Pickled Octopus Seafood & Thai Cafe

The Pickled Octopus is a waterfront cafe that specialises in Thai cuisine and all-Aussie classics. This cafe features an outstanding menu, a chill vibe and spectacular views.

Tuross Head Country Club

An ideal spot to relax and unwind, The Tuross Head Country Club contains a lush golf course overlooking the lake and the ocean. A menu full of comfort food is waiting for you off the fairway to hill your hunger as you can soak up the scenic views.